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High praise for 'An Essential Deception'

We have had tremendous success on Amazon so far, with some very high praise coming our way from our readers. Here's a selection:

"Our household is now sleep-deprived and home project-deprived due to the intrigue in this book. I stayed up reading the book over the holidays and found it difficult to put down. I then gave it to my husband to read and he neglected the household projects in preference to the book.! It is a weighty book both literally and figuratively ... I heartily recommend it and eagerly await the author's next book." - Debbie H "An Essential Deception is a deeply compelling novel. The attention to detail is astonishing and the scale and ambition of the story is impressive ... Though a heavy tome it is a fast read as the excitement and intrigue kept me turning the pages awaiting the next twist and anticipating the outcome." - Geoff O

"An exceptional debut novel ... A remarkable thriller." - David H See more reviews at Amazon - and perhaps write one yourself!

Talk soon

Radford Publishing Team

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