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The British prime minister is missing.  Vanished without trace.  Government Security has launched an urgent investigation.  Former Scotland Yard detective, Doctor Hanson Shaw, is drawn into the mystery.  Guarding the secret of his own remarkable abilities, Shaw is thrust into the center of a shocking conspiracy of global dimensions.


Messianic billionaire, Edward Cheyne, is funding terrorism to bring about a social, political and religious reformation in Europe.  Intent on seizing the leadership of an ancient, right wing Christian society, The Lions of Jerusalem, Cheyne’s ruthless strategy has deadly repercussions for the entire world.


Following a spectacular assassination, the threat of civil war looms in Europe.


While the search goes on for Westminster’s most senior politician, Shaw’s investigation confronts a startling revelation:  hidden within the shadows of political intrigue, an even bigger, more deadly game is being played out.



'Brilliantly executed… a truly impressive thriller.'

Kirkus Review


'As long as this book is (726 pages), readers will likely wish it were longer.'

Kirkus Review


'The attention to detail is astonishing ... the scale and ambition of the story is impressive.' 

Reader Review


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